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Family Martial Arts Centres Wigan

Tang Soo Do classes in Wigan, Lancashire

Why Exercise with us?

Wigan Family Martial Arts Centres in Hindley is a full time centre teaching martial arts for children, families and adults we have classes for beginners through to expert, most days. Our classes will excite and motivate children and adults providinge a challenging physical environment to improve you and your families fitness. Family Martial Arts training involves the use of your whole body, provid... ing a full body workout. In many cases, Martial Arts have a psychological benefit, improving self-confidence and boosts self-esteem.

The club is run by Simon McCann Chief Instructor. Simon's goal is"my goal for every class is that they leave having learned something new or improved their ability or performance in another area."

It's never too late to improve your fitness with Martial Arts.

Family Martial Arts Centre in Wigan ia a fully equipped with safety floors and changing rooms. We are the ONLY Tang Soo Do Group to employ fully qualified full time instructors who have successfully completed the Certified Instructor Training Programme.

Book classes online now and be a part of the Family Martial Arts Centre in Wigan.
Insured By: Alliance

Insured By: Alliance

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